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We’ve just received our second printing!

September 26, 2012

Janet White and Mary Ann Whitley are happy to announce that they’ve done a second printing of Ohio Tales of the Titanic. Our first printing of 400 books was almost sold out so we have printed 200 more.

In the rush to get our book out by April for the 100th anniversary of the Titanic, naturally there were things we didn’t notice until later. And we were given new or corrected information by readers in some cases after the book came out.  We’ve  included all these changes in the second printing. (Who knows, there may be more if the book goes into a third printing!)

The list of changes can be seen in the page “Corrections made for second printing” on the right side of the blog page.

Thanks to all for their interest in and support of our book.

Titanic and tea at Andover Public Library

September 23, 2012

Library Director Susan Hill, with an appropriate hat, serves tea before the Titanic talk.

Fancy teacups and lots of goodies await the guests.

Tea is served . . .

Janet White displays her collection of replicas of Titanic china for first class, second class and third class.

Mary Ann Whitley (left) and Janet White (right) sign a copy of their book Ohio Tales of the Titanic for one of the ladies who attended the talk.

Gazette Newspapers Editor Doris Cook, left, interviews Mary Jo Knuth and Joann Knuth, descendants of Titanic survivor Shaneene George, who was traveling to Youngstown.

On Saturday, Sept. 15, Janet White and Mary Ann Whitley presented a program on Ohio’s Titanic connections at the Andover Public Library in eastern Ohio. Andover is a small town near the Pennsylvania border. Susan Hill, director of the library, invited us, and also hosted (with the help of the Friends of the Library) a late morning tea. Tablecloths and vases of flowers set the mood for the group who attended, and two tables offered pretty flowered plates and teacups, teapots full of different types of tea, and plates of pastries, cookies and other goodies as well as little tea-party sandwiches. Everything was delicious! Some of the ladies who attended got into the spirit of the Titanic era by wearing hats.

Special guests on this day were two descendants of Titanic survivor Shaneene George, who was traveling to Youngstown. Shaneene’s granddaughter Joann Knuth and her great-granddaughter Mary Jo Knuth attended. The Knuths had brought with them their friends Lita and Raymond Kovacs, who also have an Ohio Titanic connection. Lita’s aunt’s sister was married to Paul Lundi, son of Titanic survivor Anna Turja, who was heading to Ashtabula.

We had a great time. Those attending seemed to enjoy the stories of Ohio people on board the ship and asked a number of questions.

Beautiful Titanic tiles from an Ohio studio

September 4, 2012

           Pictured above, Fog Gray color variation

The Artists’ Open Studio in Norwalk, Ohio, produced these Titanic Reflections  tiles (with a design inspired by the floor tiles used in some second-class and third-class areas of the Titanic) to commemorate the 100th anniversary.  The fleur de lis design on these unique small tiles is created from recycled bottle glass, which is fired onto glazed stoneware tile.  The resulting product sparkles, as the glass picks up the light. They can be used as coasters or trivets or as decorative items.  Besides the color combination shown above, which is called Fog Gray, they also come in two other combinations  called Antique Olive and Nutmeg Olive. Here are photos of the other two colors:

Above, Antique Olive; below, Nutmeg Olive

Artists’ Open Studio was created for adults with disabilities from Huron County. Artists work independently but with support and encouragement from the group. They come from many walks of life and with varied skills.

Price and shipping: the tiles are $9.00 each. Or you can order 4 tiles for $32.00 (for a discounted price of $8.00 each).  Up to 12 tiles can be shipped in a flat-rate box via the U.S. Postal Service for $11.35. To order the Titanic tiles, email or .

For more information about the studio and tiles, you may also contact:

Lynda Stoneham

Artists’ Open Studio, Inc.

306 South Norwalk Road West

Norwalk, OH 44857

Phone: 419-668-8840, Ext. 141

Lynda’s email: