Titanic artifact exhibit back in Cleveland

GLSC Titanic exhibit 2013 001

A light-projection image of the sinking Titanic greets visitors to the Great Lakes Science Center as they enter from the parking garage.

The Titanic artifact exhibit opened on June 1 at the Great Lakes Science Center in Cleveland, Ohio; it will remain until Jan. 5.  About 10 of us area Titanic buffs met there to tour the exhibit.  I thought the highlight was seeing the crow’s nest bell. It is very effectively presented, in a darkened space, with the recorded sounds of a ship’s bell playing softly in the background. The science center also has installed a nice display about the Northeast Ohio Titanic connections, with wall panels highlighting the stories of nearly a dozen of the people who were traveling to this region on the Titanic. These are on the wall just as you exit the exhibit space. Of course our group had to gather by the Ohio Titanic Memorial, which is just outside the science center, for a group photo. I’m also pleased to announce that the Titanic gift shop associated with the exhibit is carrying our book. Here are a few more pictures from the day.  — Mary Ann

GLSC Titanic exhibit 2013 001A

This banner hangs above the escalator in the Great Lakes Science Center.

GLSC Titanic exhibit 2013 011

The wind gave most of us a “bad hair day” as we posed for a photo by the Ohio Titanic Memorial outside the Great Lakes Science Center.

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