Ohio-connected people and passengers’ ties to other states, countries

One might think that in a book about Ohio-bound Titanic passengers and those with other connections to Ohio, that it’s ALL about Ohio. Not so. Some of the people featured in Ohio Tales of the Titanic had connections to other states, (and countries) too.

Here are some examples with brief explanations of their connections to the state or country. Following these brief descriptions is a list (fairly complete, I hope!) of people and passengers with connections to other states and countries. (You will have to get the book to check out details on their connections!)

Michigan connections:

Frank Goldsmith was originally heading to Detroit, Michigan, with his mother when he survived the Titanic. (He lived in Mansfield, Ohio, as an adult.)

Banoura Ayoub, who was traveling to Youngstown and then on to Columbus, Ohio, from her native Lebanon when she survived the Titanic, later lived in Detroit, Michigan, with her husband Michael Deyoub., and raised her family there. She died and is buried in Detroit.

Jessie Trout,  who was traveling to Columbus, Ohio, when she survived the Titanic, later lived in Tuscola County, Michigan. She married Harvey Walter Bortner and they moved to Michigan to run a farm and raise their family.

Ruth Becker was traveling to Benton Harbor, Michigan, when she survived the Titanic.  The family later moved to Ohio.

Indiana connection:

Richard Rouse’s daughter, Gladys, later moved to Shelbyville, Indiana. She married a farmer, Clarence Weaver, and raised a family there. Richard was heading to Cleveland when he died on the Titanic.

Illinois connections:

Catherine “Kate” McGowan was living in Chicago, Illinois, at the time she died on the Titanic. She was traveling to Cleveland, though, to visit her sister, and had her niece, Annie McGowan, in tow. Annie survived the disaster. Kate was born in Ireland.

Titanic survivor Caroline Bonnell was born in Chicago, Illinois.

Victim George Wick began his career in Chicago.

Survivor Meier Moor, whose son lived in Ohio, was headed to Chicago.

Survivor Franz Karun, who had relatives in Cleveland, was living in Galesburg, Illinois.

Connecticut connections:

Survivor Margaret Graham, who was traveling to Ohio to visit her brother-in-law, lived in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Survivor William Sloper, who married Ohioan Helen Tallmadge Lindenberg, was from New Britain, Connecticut.

Canadian connections:

Survivor Victor Sunderland, traveling to Cleveland, later moved to Toronto, Canada.

Victim William Harbeck spent a lot of time in Canada making films.

Victim Gerios Youssef is buried in Halifax, Nova Scotia

     * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ohio-bound and Ohio-connected people and passengers with ties to other U.S. states:

(A list of those with ties to other countries follows this list)

California: Anna Turja, Ruth Dodge

Connecticut: Edith and Margaret Graham, Sallie Beckwith, William Sloper, Herbert Chaffee

Florida: Frank Goldsmith

Illinois: Lucy Ridsdale, Franz Karun, George Wick

Indiana: Richard Rouse

Iowa: Carrie Chaffee

Massachusetts: Martha Stone, Francis Millet

Michigan: Jessie Trout, Banoura Ayoub, Frank Goldsmith, Ruth Becker

New Mexico: Adele Nasser

New York: William Coutts, Howard Irwin, Henry Sutehall, Edith Rosenbaum, Albert Stewart, Kornelia Andrews, Clara Frauenthal

North Dakota: The Chaffees

Pennsylvania: Mary Corey, Claire Karnes

Texas: Adele Nasser

Washington state: Karl Harbeck

West Virginia: Mary Eloise Hughes Smith

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ohio-bound and Ohio-connected people and passengers with ties to other countries:

Austria: Emil Namestnik

Belgium: Vanderplancke family and Victor Vandercruyssen

Canada: Victor Sunderland, William Harbeck, Gerios Youssef

Croatia: Milan Karajic, Stefan Turcin

England: Percy Bailey, Elsie Bowerman, Elizabeth Bonnell, Caroline Bonnell, Henry Cotterill, Ernest Crease, Lucy Duff-Gordon, Mary Davison, Hocking family, Henry Mitchell, Richard Otter, Lucy Ridsdale, Richard Rouse, Richards family, Herbie Thompson, Wells family

France: Albert Stewart, Amelie Icard

Finland: Anna Turja, Erik Collander, Elin Hakkarainen

Hungary: Luis Klein

Ireland: Catherine and Annie McGowan

Lebanon: Shaneene George, Banoura Ayoub, Tannous Daher, Thomas family, Nassers, Gerios Youssef, Philip Zenni

Russia: Meier Moor

Scotland: Jessie Trout

Slovenia: Franz Karun

South Africa: Edith Brown, Anthony Abbing

2 Responses to “Ohio-connected people and passengers’ ties to other states, countries”

  1. Jean Bruce Cotten Says:

    Jessie Bruce Trout was my Aunt. She was returning home to Ohio after visiting her Grandparents in Scotland. Jessie’s husband had recently been killed in a train accident and Jessie had gone back to Scotland to mourn his death with her Grandparents. Jessie’s Father (my Grandfather), Mother and 10 siblings immigrated to the U.S. in 1904. George Bruce, her father, was a cattleman who moved his family to the States to work with the many Aberdeen Angus cattle farms in the South..

    • ohiotitanic Says:

      Hello, Jean,
      Thanks for writing. We have a profile of Jessie in the book as you probably know as I sent you a flier about the book recently. We didn’t know the detail about her father being a cattle farmer. By the way, Jessie died near my hometown of Flint, Michigan. I never knew about this Flint area Titanic connection until Janet and I were working on the book. Janet did the research on Jessie. She certainly saw a lot of tragedy in her life and sadly her own life ended tragically, in a car accident. — Mary Ann

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